Poem from mother to daughter – My Daughter

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  • to my loving daughter pritika on her birthday


  • thank you, I’m glad you like it!

  • so inspiring and touching…

  • الأمومه اجمل شعور

  • So true. Happy birthday to my daughter Amanda today. Love always to you. Just from her mom.

  • Magical….. its as if I wrote it myself. Like U know me… know my daughter and I all too well. I wonder if U know her Secrets. My secrets. Then I hear someone in my head saying No way…. its just that we R all connected and Love – Agape love transcends and we all are lil Angels dancing on our way to Sing for Jesus in a whirlwind called Life.

  • Thanks but what makes me really upset is the law? At 18 are we suppose to stop caring for our kids because the law said so? Their 18 so if they want to jump over a bridge we can’t do nothing about it..We spend 18 years supporting them but again have no say for what they do? even though being 18 is still nieve & inmature…In a way I wish this law should be changed somehow? As I told my daughter I did not raise you to be slaughtered by them! but she wanted to be I guess?

  • and return to you all. If you need to talk let me know and I will send you my email address. God bless and never give up hope….they are young and have so much to learn and growing up to do. You cant take away their whole life, no matter how people may try, she will remember one day :)

  • happen for some reason is the only way that I find any peace! I am so sorry for your pain, and you are right, it is worse than if they had died, atleast then you would know that it wasnt her choice! My husband says “Its worse than if we had died, its as if we never existed”…breaks my heart! Sadly, the people she is messed up with “CLAIM” to be Christians and the Dad is even a youth Pastor from the church we USED to attend. Its just aweful! I do pray that your daughter will open her eyes and

  • Weekend but she had to ask her husband first, well we have heard NOTHING back from her since :( . He is controlling her and it sickens me that she is allowing him to do that (course it is his family too). I have been told by alot of people who have been through it that it took anywhere from 3 to 7 years for their loved one to see the light and come back, I pray that is not the case for either of us! The only place that I have found any comfort is in the Lord, knowing that He has allowed this to

  • Hi Godzie, I wish I could offer you some sort of relief….it has now been almost 3 years for us and Alex (they changed her name to Lexi) had our first Granddaughter the end of April. The week before Father’s day she called us (We were shocked) and said that she wanted to work it all out and that this was stupid and had gone on for far to long. She promised me that she wouldnt stop talking to us again cause I told her that I couldnt handle anymore, she was going to let us come and see her that

  • May I ask how do you ever get over a drastic loss as this?
    I’m going through the same loss w/my daughter at 18..
    only 2 things different is she was my only child and I raised her alone without her Dad…
    She too left out of state for her boyfriend & his family then turned her back on her grandmother me & even her dog 6 months ago? This seems to be worse then losing your daughter to death?
    Because w/this she had a choice? chose wrong but made her choice.. I lost!

  • For my oldest daughter (Lucy Ann violet Snowboy )love you and proud of you

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  • Beautiful video!

  • How beautiful – Scoop over to our channel to view a beautiful mother’s day poem by Dean Atta – hopefully it will cheer you – keep it Mellow 9

  • what’s the name of the song?

  • I think God made a mistake to allow a mother to go on living once your baby is grown & gone!
    Feels like your dead anyway, For what purpose should you go on?
    Just to be alone then die!

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  • @Joymoon…I to have suffered this loss, but with 2 of my children & it has only been a year BUT feels like a lifetime. I try really hard everyday day to just make it a normal day–but there is such an emptiness in my soul that it is hard to do. My prayers, understanding & thoughts go out to you as well as Krallstello!

  • I am truly sorry for your pain and know how deeply it hurts. I havent seen my daughter in over 2 years now. She wont even try, she has turned her back on her Dad, Brother and I and we dont know why…other than she is or has been convinced by the family she married into, to do this. So much pain and unnecessary grief. Praying to God as I sit her and watch videos and let tears run down my cheeks in thougths of her. We were so close, now she is gone. Going to have a baby in April.

  • I miss my mom, she died when I was 13…thank you for this video, it has truly helped me deal with my grief a little more.

  • I am in the same situation…My daughter will not speak to me and my heart is breaking ….praying for you…

  • I did email it to her but no answer and she more than likely will not as she told me all email will go in the spam list or garbage where I belong. Very sad year for me and this will be worse as I must move.

  • You should definitely send this to her. It’s a new year and you should start it off with the one you love. She might say she hates you but inside, in her heart; she loves you so much that it hurts. Add in your own thoughts and feelings to make it sincere. If you love her then it’s the right thing to do. No matter how old she gets she will need you. . Just let her know that you love her more than the world and that nothing would ever come between you two. I hope I have helped :)

  • I have not seen my daughter in 7 years, she is only 21 and hates me, should
    I send her this? I only know her twitter and email address. I want her back
    in my life and I know she needs me.

  • wish my mum would say something like this to me!

  • to my eldest daughter karen, happy happy birthday anak! i cant wait any
    longer to see you here…. i love u very much! mama

  • wow….says what i think my mom would say

  • 66 people are spoiled brats with moms.

  • i love you,myMAI…really miss you anak.

  • to my dauther lisa.i love you

  • this is beautiful

  • How touchy! It gave me tears! I miss mommy! I live in other town now and
    sometimes i think if she is proud of me back there in hometown. Thank you
    for this words, i believe she does as every mother carries on for her child.