Love poems to say sorry – I’m Sorry My Love

Love poems to say sorry: Are you upset by something you did that you can no longer take back? Tell your loved one just how deeply sorry you are with this very touching video poem.

Love Poems to say Sorry – I’m Sorry my love

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  • Very painful..

  • thank you…I wish I could really know that this was from my you know

  • Faith!

  • Love is painful

  • I gave it to my gf but she was a bitch and I brook up with her

  • I loved it cause I give it to my love and she was crying that’s sad

  • I’m sure we do! Just have faith!

  • Guys d u thnk we cn’t heel our past pains?

  • Nys poem

  • Pain we cannot heel….

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  • think about your marriage

  • Asian women on the street

  • AWAsom bUdy keeP it UP u HAve dONE a GooD worK.:))

  • love it gave it to my gf when she was mad at me