Funeral poem for friends left behind- Losing A Friend

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  • Ali Anthony 3 1.11.1991-22.11.2010, F.T.P

  • I lost my friend Matthew Love Di’Giovanni September 11,1992- June 1,2012

  • but now i cant sing this to her she passed on

  • i lost my bestfriend we had a fight we r going to sixth this year and she said she never wants to see me if i get ten likes ill tell her im sorry if thus gets twenty ill sing true friends to her

  • i lost my grandpa when my mom was in the sixth grade i never meet him i only saw picture of him but now he in heaven where he is happy place i wish he was here today but he not he died of a heart attack why did god take him so early i get this video cause my grandpa could have have been best friends but hes dead and im mad about that god takes people that will be special to people later in the future

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  • Hi folks,

    For those of you lost or confused, maybe angry on your journey, this site may help you. It isn’t for everyone, however, if it can help U cope with the loss of a loved one then that’s way cool. See what you think: If U find it interesting, give yourself at least 3 months & listen to your inner voice or higher power. What you receive from this site can help heal you. It’s about life over THERE and what it’s like. Blessings!
    The Padgett Messages which also has e books : )

  • dedicated to my best friend, halie marie hite ( 9.10.94 – 8.8.09 ) my cousin, haley jane bryan ( 5.1.91 – 1.1.10 ) and our baby angel, briley lynn stoner ( 9.3.09 -1.1.10 ) .. i miss you three so much!

  • I just lost a good friend of mine and i have been crying ever since. RIP Avery Littleton

  • my friend just left this night and I cryed my eyes out…

  • he didnt die but i had a friend named aaron he got in trouble last nigh and it ended with him telling me goodbye hunging me telling me too be safe and crying he took care of me hes like a bro to me and now i lost him [forever]

  • sad video but amazing poem

  • I can REALLY relate to this poem ;) because i lost my best friend on Feb 8, 2006 =( ♥♥♥RIP Dianna♥♥♥ i miss you!!

  • Sad – and great!

  • ): lovely video

  • Lovely video! Good work. :-)

  • amazing poem !!!!!!!!!!!
    great vid =)