Deceased Mother Poems: A Mother’s Love

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  • Glory to Jesus Christ, our God, our Lord, our King, our Savior — JESUS CHRIST REIGNS — May JESUS CHRIST save you

  • I’m so sorry to hear this! Be strong, I’m sure this is what she would have wanted from you!

  • hugs … I understand your pain

  • My mom died last night. I miss her so much.

  • My mom passed in April a day before my birthday. I knew she wasn’t going to be around for long but I felt I couldn’t celebrate my birthday because she wasn’t with me. I have a few more “firsts” to get through but I’m dreading for her first death anniversary. She would have turned 40 tomorrow. That would have been a great birthday to completely spoil her. I know she’s happy to be reunited with her mother because she was still grieving after 4 years. S.I.P. Mom! My love for you will never change!

  • I love my mom, but I hate her. I dont want to see her suffer, she dosnt deserve that. I feel uncomfortable even thinking about seeing her. Its almost impossible for me to forgive her, but there is a part of me that wants to reach out to her and tell her I still love her. Another part of me wants to see her live the rest of her life all alone, and banished forever. She really hurt me when I needed her love, and I want to make sure she never hurts me again.

  • very nice comforting words our mother will be gone tw0 years on nov 20th

  • To day is my moms birthday happy bday mom I love you and miss you rip mom

  • miss you mom R.I.P

  • Very nice words. My dear mom passed away one year ago today.

  • my mother died when I was 13…I miss her so much still. I know she is with Jesus though and I hope I can one day see her again in Heaven. thank you for this video :)

  • My mother died when I was 15 in 1979. I still miss her.

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  • For my Mother who passed away four years ago today. I miss you so very much Mom! : ) XO

  • the music is creepy i couldn’t watch it

  • Great video!

  • very nice!