Deceased Mother Poems: A Mother’s Love

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  • My Mother’s love

    You were always there for me
    You taught me right from wrong,
    Teaching me with patience on how to get along.
    The summer days seemed long back then
    When everything was good
    And I was always safe with you,
    Held within my Mother’s love.

    We had so many times when laughter filled the air
    In our Spanish holidays we found fulfilment there.
    Family and friends were all so young,
    When I was just a lad,
    And naughty boys get up to things
    Without telling Mum or Dad.
    I nearly burnt our shed down once
    You’d think I’d ought to know,
    That naked flames and paraffin simply just don’t go.
    And when I made you buy our dog
    You thought that I’d shed a tear or two,
    Well I heard Dad listening on the stairs
    And it was all just a show for you.

    When you prevailed in the face of cancer,
    You fought, with ‘life’ as your main goal
    Mum You beat it, a great victory
    You have the bravest soul.
    Many years have passed since
    And so many things you’ve done,
    And I am always proud to say
    I am your youngest son.

    Now even though you’re gone from me
    I will think of you everyday
    And I’ll take great pride
    That your were my Mum
    In every single way.
    Now I’ll see you in my dreams
    As peaceful as a dove,
    Where you will hold me evermore,
    Held within my Mother’s love.

    Thanks Mum.

  • Glory to Jesus Christ, our God, our Lord, our King, our Savior — JESUS CHRIST REIGNS — May JESUS CHRIST save you

  • I’m so sorry to hear this! Be strong, I’m sure this is what she would have wanted from you!

  • hugs … I understand your pain

  • My mom died last night. I miss her so much.

  • My mom passed in April a day before my birthday. I knew she wasn’t going to be around for long but I felt I couldn’t celebrate my birthday because she wasn’t with me. I have a few more “firsts” to get through but I’m dreading for her first death anniversary. She would have turned 40 tomorrow. That would have been a great birthday to completely spoil her. I know she’s happy to be reunited with her mother because she was still grieving after 4 years. S.I.P. Mom! My love for you will never change!

  • I love my mom, but I hate her. I dont want to see her suffer, she dosnt deserve that. I feel uncomfortable even thinking about seeing her. Its almost impossible for me to forgive her, but there is a part of me that wants to reach out to her and tell her I still love her. Another part of me wants to see her live the rest of her life all alone, and banished forever. She really hurt me when I needed her love, and I want to make sure she never hurts me again.

  • very nice comforting words our mother will be gone tw0 years on nov 20th

  • To day is my moms birthday happy bday mom I love you and miss you rip mom

  • miss you mom R.I.P

  • Very nice words. My dear mom passed away one year ago today.

  • my mother died when I was 13…I miss her so much still. I know she is with Jesus though and I hope I can one day see her again in Heaven. thank you for this video :)

  • My mother died when I was 15 in 1979. I still miss her.

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  • For my Mother who passed away four years ago today. I miss you so very much Mom! : ) XO

  • the music is creepy i couldn’t watch it

  • Great video!

  • very nice!