Deceased mother poem: Missing Mom

Losing a Mom creates instant loneliness, an emptiness that may never be filled.
If you know someone who is Missing Mom

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  • Worst feeling is losing both parents

  • my mom recently passed away and I am so lost miss the calls can’t pick up
    the phone to give her good news or tell her something this pain hurts so
    bad. I wish she was here. we buried her last week. Sunday was my birthday
    and it hurt so much her not here. :(

  • I miss my mom im crying so so hard

  • I suddenly lost my mom early this morning. I already miss her so very much. The whole things seems unreal – it’s like any moment Mom is going to walk through the door. God, the pain, anger, and heartbreak is indescribable!!!

  • I lost my precious Mother 6 months ago, there is not one day that has gone by where I dont cry. The only strenght I have is to know she is with our Lord.

  • I lost my mom 3weeks ago.. im confused about my purpose in life anymore.

  • The music is also beautiful thanks

  • This is beautiful

  • Beautiful poem…. this reminds me of my mother. It has only been a month since her passing, but I feel just the same. She passed 5 days after the death of my sister how passed from cancer. It sure has been a tough month!! It made me cry… but thank you for posting!!

  • This is so sad… my mother died the day i graduated…. if you still have a mother, respect and honor her

  • fuck man on my birhthday

  • Ur wrong about that: I had TWO moms, a biological one and the one who adopted me.
    Somebody told me that meant I’m lucky, but I’ve had to grieve twice. So how damn lucky can it be? And they don’t take you away from your first mom for no reason.
    But I’ve still had to grieve for both of them.

  • deeply touched

  • Lovely poem. Check out our mothers day poem which is also beautiful – Happy Mothers day – Keep it Mellow9

  • This is so beautiful i was in tears because it reminded me of my mom. Thanks for sharing

  • Thank you for your kind words x

  • My mom passed in 2004 and I do not feel any better then the day it happened. I still hear he calling my name and I can still hear her laugh. Rip mom. I cant wait to see you in heaven. I wish so much that I could hold and hug you right now.

  • My mom just passed ur poem is what I’m thinking thank you

  • i recently lost my mom on 7th july,,,,,,,,2011,,,,,,after a long illness,,,,,,,i feel so shattered so lost,,,,,,,this video really made me cry oh mom,,,,,,,,y did u leave me,,,,,behind,,,,,,,,,,missing you so much,,thnks for this lovely video ,,may god bless you

  • I lost my mother 10 years back, i am still not over her, and I dont think I will ever be, I was still going through my post adolescent “wars” with her and i never had the chance to make amends. But 2 years after she passed, I got married and four days later, I had a dream, of her face, smiling back at me, and I remember smiling back at her, I think its her way of helping me heal. I cry less often, but when i do, its even more acute..

  • She is hot and sexy wonna meet her

  • I Know exactly how this feels

  • ,,, you will be ok ,,, this is life ,, it’s harmful and it’s to short :)

  • I miss you Mom this December will be ten yrs since she passed away and I still feel that hurt and longing to just see her, talk to her, hug her, run to her. It changed my life forever and no one can replace her. Karen Ann Robison Collins 12/10/2000 53 yrs young when she died so quickly I love you Mom

  • I can’t stop crying I lost my Mum 4 weeks ago and I don’t think I can go on without her

  • a poem that really speaks my heart out. miss u mom

  • Thanks its nice, condolences to every one who lost his mom, 2 days back was my mom’s first year anniversary, her place can never be filled, her arms can never be replaced, & her smell unforgetable..
    you may check out her elegy poems…

  • Beautiful

  • Lovely video cool music and pics 5 *****

  • Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem and music :-) )

  • sO BEAUTIFUL. I lost my Angel Mum 2004 , aged just 53. I miss her so much
    and still can’t belive she will never be in my life again. .

  • That was beautiful…My condolences, I still have my mom but I lost my dad
    in 04, it’s still hard but like you said they sit on thrones. No more
    pain… Thank you I needed that, his anniversary was on the 1st of this
    month. Be safe

  • Great Job on the video i think. I never knew what it would be like to lose
    so special in your life someone that is always there for you anything
    anytime. Just so you know why i was looking at this poem i lost someome
    very close and very special to me my MOM Dec.25,1943 — Sept.1,2009 In
    Loving Memory Gone But Never Forgotten

  • A beautiful star dusted poem, a little song sung by the heart. We may have
    more than one lover in our life, more than one friend, but we only have one
    mother. This video/poem is a lasting tribute to a loving mother, and there
    is no love that equals a mother’s love, except the love and admiration
    returned by a loving child. You have honored your mother with this song.
    May the Muses visit you often. john

  • I love this poem and also the music ! Good luck ! Greetz Nans

  • Diana, thank you for your comment.